PTC Partner Advantage Program

Within the scope of the „PTC Software Partner Advantage Program“ ECS offers a complementary integration platform based on the ECS product „Connect“: This platform enables the connection of Non-PTC systems, like Siemens Teamcenter or SAP ERP, with PTC Windchill as well as the migration of legacy systems to Winchill.

In this context ECS offers the “temporary coexistence” as migration strategy.

Migration unter Zuhilfenahme einer flexiblen Integrationsarchitektur

Figure 1: Migration by utilizing flexible Integration architecture


The "temporary coexistence" describes the limited in time presence and usage of different PLM/PDM systems, the modularization (technical or organizational) and soft transformation into the new PLM target system. The range of function is reduced module wise within the legacy system and gradually rebuild within the target system. 

Funktions- und Nutzungsumfang über Zeit
Figure 2: Functionality and usage over time

Based on many years of PLM project experience and Best Practices in different industries ECS offers consistent consulting services: Methods- and process-consulting as well as design and implementation of PLM Solutions