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Why Internet of Things?

Engine of the Digital Transformation

The "Internet of Things" is revolutionizing the economy and our everyday life. It is one of the most important drivers of the digital transformation in the 21st century. Companies have the opportunity to connect physical and virtual objects as well as people globally, thereby creating new innovative and sustainable offerings. The Internet of Things is created precisely as a result of this connection and creates countless competitive advantages. Companies are using IoT in order to benefit from at least 3 of the following 5 advantages:

  • Creation of new business models and sources of income as well as cost savings
  • Increasing productivity and efficiency of business processes
  • Gain insights based on IoT data to better design business processes
  • Simple and seamless networking of the physical business world with the digital world for rapid added value
  • Differentiation from competitors, better services (SLAs etc.) and optimized customer experience

ECS helps to unlock these benefits of IoT and transform them into tangible success projects for your company. Even after the implementation, we are a partner for the "growth beyond" in order to continuously develop further business cases.

Internet of Things (IoT) by ECS

Strong digitalization solutions for companies

We accompany our customers with high competence and experience in the development of IoT competitive advantages. Suitable methods paired with strong partner solutions, we create added value and innovation for you. We develop strategic and customized business cases, select the appropriate architecture and implement the projects end-to-end.

Experts and analysts speak of over 600 different "IoT platforms" on the market. These are only some of the most necessary building blocks for successful digitization projects. Industrial companies are usually not the experts for all the details and possibilities of software or platforms (IoT, Machine Learning and AI). Here, we would be happy to help you to optimally develop the potential use cases with you.

Our methodology is your advantage

Why the right approach in IoT is critical to success

At the heart of our approach to IoT projects is a very simple question: What is the benefit for our customers? We answer this question together with you first of all by working out and analyzing the business cases, i.e. the practical applications and potentials in your company. Afterwards we define the appropriate architectures.

Based on our extensive experience from practical examples, we then develop the appropriate IoT architecture for you in the next step, according to the respective maturity level in the status quo. Through our long-standing partnerships, for example with PTC, Microsoft or Siemens, we are able to find the right IoT platform for you. As a final step, we then go into the implementation together with the customer: we create added value and measure the efficiency of the new solutions. From Business Model Canvas to Design Thinking to World Café, we use a wide range of methods together with our clients. This gives IoT a strategic role that is critical for future success. With us, our clients are perfectly positioned for this.

Our focus: Your business case

The right application is crucial

IoT projects are not an end in themselves. They affect every modern company at its core. What is decisive for companies is knowledge of current and future use and business cases that make sense, as well as a definition of priorities and the possibility of realistic and value-adding implementation. ECS defines with you the framework for the implementation and the "journey there". Based on this, PoC scenarios can be defined that quickly create added value with little effort. This applies to a manufacturing company, to service organizations and also always to the respective end customer in terms of customer experience.

We work according to your organization, your connected machines and your existing business systems (ERP, PLM, CRM etc.). We are your partner for all steps on this journey, define the optimal architecture with you and our experts and are the experienced partners for the selection of the appropriate technology - whether sensor technology, connectivity, cloud, security, platforms for IoT as central elements in any architecture.

ECS is there for you, from the earliest stage to go-live and beyond. Only in the concrete application and the respective business case will your data become knowledge. And the application of this knowledge leads to forward-looking, networked action. Then the technology has fulfilled its purpose and serves people, processes and companies. That's why our solutions are always aimed at making customers more competitive, leveraging potential and optimizing digital applications. For each business case, we find tailored solutions, e.g. from the cloud, and develop the applications that turn your machines into intelligent resources. In this way, business model transformation is successfully implemented in concrete application examples.

Our Focus: IoT Architecture

The elements of successful IoT projects

Whether we're talking about content such as connected products, connected machines and devices or managed connectivity, the fitting set of solutions must be selected and developed for each type of content. In the strategic development of the right IoT architectures, we accompany our customers with expertise, practical experience, our partner network, but also with creativity.

The elements of this graphic have to be brought into the right proportion for the customer's use. Which cloud solution or security solution is the right one? How does the use of analytics tools and artificial intelligence support IoT applications? How do we quickly create a dashboard and enable integration with BI systems. When selecting and putting together the IoT platform, we support you not only with know-how but also with know-why.

End-to-end solutions at its best

Creating and optimizing added value in production

After analyzing the business cases and jointly developing a suitable IoT architecture, the implementation roadmap is defined and implemented. To ensure that IoT projects "fly", successful implementation can only be ensured by those involved on site. Comprehensive studies show that despite all the mechanization, people are and remain the central coordinating factor in IoT. This is why we involve as many project participants as possible already in the analysis phase mentioned above, because this is the only way to ensure smooth deployment, extensive acceptance, the creation of added value and further optimization in the subsequent implementation. This cross-organizational development journey, we call it the "Transformation Journey", characterizes the comprehensive organizational change in terms of processes, products, facilities and people. The ECS team will not only work with you to find the right solution, but we will also work closely with your teams after implementation to ensure the continuous improvement and sustainability of your IoT applications, as the market demands.

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