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About Us

Since 1996, ECS Engineering Consulting & Solutions is one of the leading IT and consulting specialists in the field of PLM (Product Lifecycle Management). PLM is the strategic concept of managing a product over its entire lifecycle.

Our consulting services and software solutions support the manufacturing industry to develop efficient and legally compliant products. Above all we have long-time, practical experience in relevant business processes as well as product lifecycles and the know-how to optimize them. We support you in realizing national and international PLM projects. Utilizing our software, we can optimize your IT landscape, reduce your TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and increase the efficiency of your IT standard systems.

Thanks to its many satisfied customers, innovative spirit and staff & economical stability ever since the company was established, ECS GmbH has become one of the most experienced and best known PLM providers. Worldwide, we successfully run projects in the following sectors:

  • Automotive industry
  • High-tech and electronics
  • Information and communication technology
  • Aerospace technology
  • Machinery and plant engineering

Over time, we have acquired extensive in-depth knowledge of business processes and product lifecycles and we know how to optimize them for the benefit of our customers. Improving processes and providing the necessary information: we have a wealth of experience in this field and focus our organizational and technical know-how on it.

Thanks to our high quality standards in software development as well as solutions proven in practice, ECS has by now sold more than 10,000 software licenses worldwide. We exploit with our products the full potential of your IT systems and data to contribute to your value-added processes and workflows.


Our vision is to extend our position as the leading IT and consulting specialists in the field of Product Lifecycle Management systems. Especially in respect of the increasing digitization we support our customers to capture the whole product life cycle of their products: From idea generation to construction to manufacturing.

With our products and services we want to unlock the potential of your IT systems, data and business processes, so that you're able to make use of your innovational strength and competitiveness sustainably. Here we focus on the user of our products and on counseling approaches.


Simplify the Complex.

Our mission is to reduce the increasing complexity in business processes and IT systems with assistance of state-of-the-art PLM solutions.

Therefor we have a long-standing, deep and well-proven knowledge of the various business processes and product life cycles in different sectors. We also got the know how to optimize this customer-oriented. We have a lot of experience in improving processes and providing them with the appropriate information. We concentrate on the development of our organizational and technical know how for innovative solutions in the field of PLM.

We want to not only meet the needs of our customers by means of innovative concepts and flexible solutions, but always also exceed a certain extent. Top quality is a matter of course for us, as well as a strong partnership with our customers.


Successful customers, satisfied employees and ever-growing know-how are the three pillars on which the success of ECS has been built since its inception. Continuous improvement of these three factors characterizes the philosophy of our company. This is why it is our mission never to lose sight of our objectives:

  • Long-term customer relationships, that is, exceeding the customer's expectations
  • Satisfied, well-trained and committed employees
  • Building up long-term ECS know-how through low staff turnover
  • Incorporating positive experiences (with products, solutions and methods) from completed projects into new ones
  • Being recommended by our customers
  • A healthy and organic growth of ECS


With their commitment and experience, our employees ensure the efficient implementation of the extensive range of software solutions and services we provide in the PLM sector.

The project team is an essential component for a successful PLM project. We therefore place great importance on the excellent soft and hard skills of our employees:

  • Extensive in-depth technical knowledge through continued staff qualification measures
  • Knowledge transfer through close cooperation with universities
  • Building up/securing long-term ECS know-how through in-house training and low staff turnover
  • Different specializations (e.g. IT specialists, engineers, scientists, economists, philosophers)
  • Open and continuous communication together and with the customer
  • Identification with the project, i.e. a mutual understanding of the project, its objectives and problems of the customer

We not only want to fulfill your requirements with the help of innovative concepts and flexible solutions, but go a step beyond. Whether it is a small job or a large project, our tried-and-tested standardized process sequences guarantee the high quality you can expect from us.


Mr. Wolfgang Dietztler, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), has more than 43 years of IT- & Management experience. He began his career at Prime Computer, Nixdorf Computer and then switched to the Siemens AG, where he spend most of his career.

Wolfgang Dietzler founded ECS GmbH in 1996 in Neumarkt i.d.OPf. and operates it as CEO for all divisions of the company.


Headquarters in Neumarkt i.d.OPf.

Ingolstädter Str. 47
D-92318 Neumarkt i.d.OPf.

+49 9181 4764-50

Subsidiary in Rostock

Dalwitzhofer Weg 23
D-18055 Rostock

+49 9181 4764-50

Subsidiary in Stuttgart

Esslinger Str. 7
D-70771 Leinfelden-Echterdingen

+49 9181 4764-50

simplify the complex